CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility  
At Radhakrishna, as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility,
We undertake the steps to,
1.   Minimize the harmful effects caused by processes or service usages,
2. Maximize the positive contributions using the resources, skills and funds, and basic competence to take advantage of the environment and people.
Following are some of the steps taken by us,
   Excess Food Donations
We at Radhakrishna hostel Ahmedabad, donate the excess food available everyday.
   Books Donation
We distribute religion and self-improvement books in interest of people.
   Supporting Charitable Institutions and NGOs
We also support charitable institutions for kids and women by various means, like advertisement of charitable organization and employment to women.
   Awareness about Stopping Energy Wastes like Water, Electricity
We have distributed posters to communicate "stop energy / waste resources such as water and electricity", which was created understanding on limited resources. We also distribute brochures to raise awareness of the global energy crisis.


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